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A person who eats cheese and eats pussy without asking

A person who’s name is Keegan
Ima suck ur dick

Damn ur a rapist
by Percentage69 September 12, 2018

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Rape god
That rapist is such an arowen
by Beasty1234567890 November 22, 2017

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Finnish rapist in Topeliuksen School
have you seen misa in this coridor?
by FinishAnonymous November 19, 2018

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A human being that believes they look good but in reality they look like their father had raped a fish and they are the afterbirth that is left over
Hey have you seen fish face anyway?
Yeah i have Jay Miller is in the cafeteria trying to pray on another young freshmen who has lack of chromosomes
by Aceien July 19, 2018

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