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What Amish men scream when they're being ass raped in prison
As bubba penetrated the poor Amish soul, he screamed ah fiddlesticks in anguish
by AhFiddlesticks July 26, 2018

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This nigga will rape anyone and anything, i mean he is amazingly horny 24/7.
"Marquisha: Yo how much lean you drink last night nigga"
"DraQuan: Enough to pass into the 12 realm and get raped by old Uncle Sampsonite my niBBA"
by PapaLewy January 27, 2017

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Person getting raped
Person: He’s the rapist and she’s the rapie
by Bella Rivers January 06, 2019

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A dangerous female rapist. Little boys beware
"Remember boys, if you want to keep your virginity, stay away from all MIA'S"
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by Cloud King November 08, 2018

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1.the most gay brown cunt u will ever know. will suk dik for 5 cents.
2. daddy
Hey mansib i got 5 cents bro
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by Whywontpritikaloveme May 04, 2018

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Some fat cunt that gets bullied in school, then uses PS4 to make fun of people's dead mums to later kill himself.
You're so Twist3dlion.
Twist3dlion- Nobody likes him
by Killerboymufc March 07, 2017

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An extremely inappropriate way saying that a specific incidence of rape has been investigated and determined to have occurred in an illegal manner.
“If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down,” Todd Akin explained to a St. Louis TV station in 2012 before losing his race for US Senate.
Todd Akin went on to claim that if the female body does not shut down and a baby is born it will be a special little child.

Todd Akin gave the following example: “I had a number of people in my campaign that were children…who were conceived in rape.”
by mlhiss May 17, 2019

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