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A gay repetitive song with no meaning or soul
Gucci gang is ear rape.
by SmasherDawg March 04, 2018

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Some fat cunt that gets bullied in school, then uses PS4 to make fun of people's dead mums to later kill himself.
You're so Twist3dlion.
Twist3dlion- Nobody likes him
by Killerboymufc March 07, 2017

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I am the Intruder!
by Taco Sloth December 31, 2017

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When someone says they have a packet of shapes then everyone tackles them to the ground and rapes them for shapes
Person: I have shapes

Everyone else: SHAPE RAPE!!!!!
by Shape rape August 14, 2016

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1.the most gay brown cunt u will ever know. will suk dik for 5 cents.
2. daddy
Hey mansib i got 5 cents bro
via giphy
by Whywontpritikaloveme May 04, 2018

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Consenual sex between a women and a man
Yo brotha my girl reverse raped me last night. Aw shit nigga thats fucking sweet.
by JustSalad February 25, 2017

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