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if you look this up in the urban dictionary you’re a complete random and you’re broke
Stop looking up what uzyu mean
by Uzyu September 15, 2017

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What teenage girls say when they think they are "random xd"
CHEESE WAFFLES haha im so randem xd lol
by sirdefenition June 01, 2017

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That one friend everyone has that is lowkey petty, kinda funny, rarely nice, but cool with almost everyone.This person is super random, sometimes to serious, and seems like she has no self-esteem but she is a really good flistner and great listener.
Tommy-Michaiah is being so uptight today
Mari-She is annoyed cuz yall dont understand that when she call herself Uglah its a metaphor

Tommy-Well then she need to stop saying it
by Lil.lyfestyle March 03, 2017

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A set of words described to something that has a truly unknown outcome. Sometimes these words can be gifted upon a soul which will gift them with some of the most random randomness that will ever exist.
Simply random is simply random
by Some pleb December 16, 2017

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A special person who has no limits to destroying who you are if your a cunt. Will often yell and scream for no good reason. Is attractive and a great lover and loved by all. This boy/girl will fuck all of your shit up if your a cunt to anyone he knows and cares for.
Man Tim's a faggot but hes such a Spinetto sometimes.
via giphy
by Pussy_Slayer_69696969 February 28, 2018

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A Singapore slang used to describe doing something without carefully measuring.
We just did a bit of agar-ation, not measuring anything for the waffle mix.
by Vesper Lee July 04, 2018

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Alot of single shits
Man my stomach hurt so much I had a herd turd
by Hooded tree August 11, 2017

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