Top Definition
1. gibberish

2. When somebody destroys you in a game
Person 1: Hey wanna hear something?

Person 2: Sure.

Person 1: xcxfdzshucfhszxchfz


Person 1: get rekt boi

Person 2: xcxfdzshucfhszxchfzxcxfdzshucfhszxchfzxcxfdzshucfhszxchfzxcxfdzshucfhszxchfzxcxfdzshucfhszxchfzxcxfdzshucfhszxchfzxcxfdzshucfhszxchfzxcxfdzshucfhszxchfzxcxfdzshucfhszxchfz
by Noobic June 09, 2018

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To party really hard with the boys
Brah come down beach and ragum tonight
by Hammerboyz November 08, 2017

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When you get so mad at someone or something you begin to rage and yell "oh you fucking asshole", but then the rage consumes your vocal cords and you temporaryilly go mute for a short bit.
Dude, Cory just pulled a oh you fuckin ass! I wonder what Stella did...
by Killerwase September 21, 2017

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