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a person that is extremely quick to call others racist, regardless of whether or not their comment or opinion was negatively associated with the race of that individual or any other person.
Person B: I’m getting an Indian takeaway tonight. I don’t like Italian.
Person A: Wow! You’re so racist.

Person A: I call later. (Typo)
Person B: (Laughs) Ok, speak later China man.

Person A: Racist!

He is always jumping on the racism accusations, he is such a quacist.
by indigoskyline February 10, 2018

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When you take something that is said out of context and think its's racist.
Probably any sentence with the word/colour Black in it.

"Excuse me what did you just say? That sounds racist"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way. You must have a racist mind."
by Lazygal_ July 28, 2018

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When you are playing some black ops zombies and somebody STEALS the wonder weapon that only one person can get.
Person A: dude I just boxed the thunder gun!
Person B: wow u are such a wonder nigger that's my gun!
by The Homieslice of the Negro December 30, 2016

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A racist stalker.
Damn that stalkkker who follows me cuz I take the bus to work.
by +-&%$#@ October 09, 2018

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A racist person who thinks white people are Neanderthals.
Wow how racist was that, what a CherylCheryl
by Winterbon October 10, 2018

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A typically racist and homophobic white male who likes to drive jeeps.

Also thinks he's a general in the Confederate Army.
Person 1: Jacbob always has to be racist, you can't have a normal conversation with him.
Person 2: He also drives a Jeep, eww.
by ThatOneKid245 March 03, 2017

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A racist term used to mock Africans and black people in general when they don't speak proper english . This is also why racists call Obama Obunga.
My black neighbors are making those ugga bugga noises again. (derogatory example)
by Lee Guy October 18, 2016

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