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When a white person acts or wants to be a different race
Tom is such a mud cracker when he acts black
by Matts a mud cracker November 28, 2016

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A racial slur against Latin Americans commonly used in England/Wales
Oi you f**king boondog I'm gonna beat you blue
by Knowledgedone June 13, 2018

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The last thing you will experience in your life after you say nigger in a room with even two black people, no matter the context it's in. Some people are just too butthurt .
John: Have you heard of Joe lately?
Bill: No, rumors spread that he died of a Black Death.
John: Dumbass said the n-word in front of black people in 2018, I'm glad he died.
by UFO_nah_just_swamp_gas May 20, 2018

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Someone who exhibits oppressive behavior towards certain groups of people, but does not self-identity as oppressive.
Joe- Can you believe those racist over there?
Mike- Bro...they're not racist, look at their sign! It says "All Lives Matter"
Joe- that's just a cover, they're trans-oppressive .
by Joe882k9 April 02, 2017

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A replacement, more "acceptable" term for a young black man. Primarily men brutalized and killed by police officers, whether they were armed and threatening or not. Originates from the mothers and family of the young black men who exclaim that their son "didn't do nothin' wrong," often in an American dialect that makes it sound like "dindu nuthin." It's nothing short of blatant racism...and while its use is defended on the grounds that it's targeted at criminals who wrongfully claim innocence, it's still overwhelmingly used in regards to black men, whether or not their claim to innocence is legitimate.
Similar to the way "Allahu Akbar" is used to mock middle easterners whether they're Islamic extremists or not.
"I know, I know, poor boy dindu nuffin, right?"
"Yes, he stole a cigarillo. I didn't realize theft was punishable by death in America, my bad."
by Chris J Phoenix August 07, 2016

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Similar to internalized racism in most respects.

Simply put. The person has a racist attitude toward another person of there own race or ethnicity due to :
*origins or region they come from.
*lifestyle choice
*being traditional or non traditional

*sexual orientation

Etc etc etc..
An example of inward racism is this statement by an indian (hindoo) man "I

Will commit suicide if my daughter marries a man who is not from our part of india
by Theamazinggeek May 11, 2018

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An incredibly racist term for a white person with blonde hair. Dating back to the 1800s, Shausers were the lowest class citizens.
Tom: Come over here Shauser right now!!!
Kyle: Stop calling me that. Its offensive and racist
by Eric.Cman May 09, 2018

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