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UHC is a very popular gamemode within the minecraft community, UHC, which stands for Ultra Hardcore, is a competitive gamemode where you can fight against other players after a timer ends. You have 15-20 minutes (usually) to get your items ready before pvp is enabled. Once the pvp is enabled, you can battle out with many players that can be found in random spots across the map, or you can mine and get items to advance and prepare for meetup, meetup is the part of UHC where all the players are teleported to an arena (100x100 usually) and it slowly shrinks down to smaller sizes. Players fight to the death, and whoever or whatever team wins is the champion.
Do you want to play UHC with me in 10 minutes?
There is a reddit UHC very soon, lets play UHC.
I haven't played UHC in a while.
by boatglitch May 21, 2018

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A bedwars nerd that likes to left-click on children and mattresses, he will also left-click on any nerd who disagrees on this quote written by his leader named Catcket, "Randomness + Fortnite sucks."
Technoblade has been left-clicked by micrograms.
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by micrograms October 14, 2018

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