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When you have an sexual attraction to people that break the rules such as school rule breakers ((or punks if you will)) and for people that break the law such as the crooks that you will see on the television news station that you or someone else watches.
He is definitely a punksexual.

She isn't a punksexual.

A punksexual is the sexual attraction to people that break rules.
Mom, Dad, I just found out that I am a punksexual.
by Punksexual September 06, 2016
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An Information Technology person, oblivious to the problem they themselves created who sends nasty aggressive directives in notes or messages ALL IN CAPS WITH REPEATED WORDS & EXCLAMAITON POINTS to others trying to help them fix the problem they created. Often in BOLD and in COLOR!!
Did you read the note from that user this morning who hung up the system that said NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER CANCEL MY JOB / PROGRAM!!! F*ckin' I/T Punk.
by DRNEMdr nem May 11, 2017
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when someone is interested in soft punk music and dresses in mostly dark colors with dark nails
Damn, Grace Handy is sooo emo. Look at her nails and that band she listens to, you the Knocks.
by Les-Bean February 12, 2017
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