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A prostitute
Fuck you Ratchel, you dirty street clam
by Clammy Brisbane July 05, 2017

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When you're the only person in the theater who claps after the movie ends.
Rohan, why did you act like such a Kojini at the Justice League movie?
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by yourbrainissoboring November 28, 2017

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A woman who is a little short on money who will "do anything to be able to make her car payment this month." In other words, an amateur, part-time prostitute. They can be amazingly good or amazingly bad, and you can usually get a bargain price along with a GFE. Once you find a car payment girl, you'll want to keep track of her over a number of years.
Hey Art, you said you were horny and I know that Karen's rent is due. She is an awesome car payment girl, so call her up and tell her that you can help her with her rent this month in exchange for a BJ every day this week.
by ItsReallyMe1234 July 24, 2017

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Service calls mean phone calls sent to get one or more prostitute's service (sex).
After, Amanda falls asleep I'm going to make a service call.
by My dicktionary July 07, 2017

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To have sex with for money or prostitute
I need to find a whore for some mothering
by Mringer0001 June 25, 2018

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Mother Stripper Golddigger. MSG
When I divorce my husband I'm gonna turn MSG for an income so child support payments will be maximized when my income is calculated at zero.
by Landmeister February 27, 2017

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A man who enjoys gay sex with an older man for money.
Damn, that guy is really an alex sun
by Gaddy April 19, 2018

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