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How you know someone is definitely telling the truth
If you say Picklecollada you have to be telling the truth, and if you are lying and say it, that person is to be shamed.
Used anywhere in a sentence to prove you are being truthful
"I dont believe you, picklecollada it"
"Bro, Picklecollada I fucked that girl!"
"Dang, goodwork man, you are telling the truth"
by wadedawg2 March 01, 2019

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A promise is something that you can’t break every!!! -Mike wheeler
Promise?!? Ya it’s something that you can’t break ever!
by Strange_noah_things January 09, 2018

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A promise means something you can't break, ever
I promise I'll watch Stranger Things.
by Ohschnappz August 30, 2017

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A girl who is very pretty but doesn't believe it herself. She is usually a girly girl who plays sports. She wears tons and tons of makeup but doesn't need it. Even though her name is Promise it doesn't mean she can keep a promise.
Look at that girl over there, she must be a promise.
by Yourgirllove25 August 04, 2017

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