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Using code or a programming technique(more often than not, a complicated one) without understanding what it actually does and why it solves a particular problem.
-What does this function do?
- I don't know. I just cut and pasted it from stackoverflow.com
- We are not doing voodoo programming here. I'm reverting this commit.
by kr_kr August 29, 2016
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It is a programming language, whose name stands for A Programming Language. It was developed by Kenneth Iverson, with the goal of coming up with better notation for mathematicians that wish to program computers. Many times, the word APL is used to refer to array programming in general, or to the family of array programming languages. In many dialects, APL requires the use of a special APL keyboard that is full of symbols not easily found on a keyboard. Nowadays, people have made alternatives that only use easily-accessible symbols; examples of such are called J and K.
APL? Isn't that just line noise pretending to be a program?
by Nom de plume. October 12, 2016
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To move a program that was run on a monolithic application into a container system like Docker.
Hey bro, could you Dockerify this login service so we can test it independently?
by Brogrammer3000 January 04, 2018
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