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Procrastination is a term used to identify with most people aged from 11-forever. Procrastination is the process by which one gets bored doing meaningful work and proceeds to go trolling for memes or other things on the internet. One form of procrastination is ironically coming up with the defintion of procrastination which happens to be what im doing right now.
by AsTheWindBlows July 14, 2016

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carrying out a series of small tasks while on the way out the door, delaying your departure. Fart arseing is often an infectious activity and can quickly spread across a group, severely undermining their ability to actually go anywhere.
Alex is really fart-arsing about now, that's going to make us so late...but actually while he's at it maybe I have time to redo my eyeliner.
by Bettibipbop July 07, 2017

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The act of avoiding dull arduous task by creating and assigning meaning to new words.
Instead of writing my paper I spent my time procrastindefining.
by Wookieman March 12, 2017

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avoidance of work by means of aimlessly wondering in circles forgetting what you were doing. Procrastinating by means of avoidance.
"Where have you been?"

"I've been jennifering!!"
by jankylynn January 03, 2018

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I’ll tell ya later
‘’I’ll procrastinate about procrastinating procrastination later’’
by Eunkoki November 25, 2017

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To not do something you should've done before,

commonly used when talking about homework and projects in school,
but can be used with other things too.
Person 1: Have you finished that project for Spanish class yet?

Person 2: No, I should've finished watching it yesterday but procrastination has taken ahold of me.
by DatOneHoe October 27, 2016

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