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Characterized by procrastination
John is so incredibly procrastinistic; he waited until the end of the semester to turn in any of his assignments.
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by The Jugular Juggler March 10, 2017

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An imaginary term used to describe how a procrastinator avoid doing important tasks.

Often it is though of as whenever the rational decision maker wants to make a good choice like doing homework the monkey takes the wheel and makes the person procrastinate
Joe:hey don't you have a really important project due?
Henry:yea well my instant gratification monkey wants me to look through India through google earth!
Joe:well don't blame me I you end up flipping burgers for a living!
by mr mr jellyman January 04, 2018

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Being unable to see all the chores/uni work you have to do, or thinking you've done all of them, because you're too busy watching TV. A mix between "done all" and "tunnel vision"
Person 1: Bro, Stephanie has like 4 assignments due this week and she's watching TV!
Person 2: She doesn't know that, she has major dunnell vision bro
by omgconst1 May 17, 2017

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