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Despite sounding like an office supplies store, Supermax is a type of high security prison that forces inmates to spend 23 hours per day in solitary confinement with little-to-no contact to the outside world.

During the one hour outside of their cell, inmates are brought to a large concrete room by themselves where they walk in circles for exercise.

They go in as hardened criminals and come out as mad men, if ever even released.
Yo, I'm chillin' in my Supermax crib. I'm doin' pretty damn good in here; I got a metal bed to sleep on and a light that let's me see things, so I got things going pretty well for me.

The only person I ever see is the guard who does nothing but gives me commands, but it's cool; I got you, my imaginary homie!
by Tulacot September 01, 2018

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“Hey kid, want some free candy?”

“No thanks, I have to go to school. Nice van though.”
by Dumb Definition June 14, 2018

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A line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot.
114563: Don't cross the deadline man. Warden Hanson will shoot you down.
483190: I have to escape. I can't stay in this hellhole any longer!
by Order 65 July 03, 2017

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(1) To tell a correctional officer you're in fear of being physically assaulted by other prisoners and want to be placed in protective custody.
(2) To threaten another prisoner, so that he has to tell a correctional officer he's in fear of being assaulted by other prisoners and wants to be placed in protective custody.
The shot caller decided to check in the guy who got caught stealing from B.J.'s locker.
by Tochterlieber January 05, 2017

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Like prison but it’s a free trial.
“Mom, can I stay home from school today?”
by Gamerninja111 January 17, 2018

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Slang used in prisons to describe a very manly, lesbian woman.
Yo, that stud broad is trying to steal my commissary.
via giphy
by Yaheardmah1118 January 14, 2019

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A quite horrible and cruel prison weapon used against inmates. It consists of boiling water and dissolved sugar boiled in a kettle. The effect of this is similar to napalm and melts skin away in a matter of seconds.
Guard 1: "did you see the rioters yesterday? Threw the napalm treatment right at an inmates face!"

Guard 2: "he isn't getting any ladies any time soon."
by Bigjuicytatas May 27, 2017

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