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A slag word for penis.
You're goin' down, you backstabbing prick!
by ArcticSkeleton December 23, 2016

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A word you used when someone pisses you off , even if he/she is your friend, asshole
Omg daniel was being such a fucking prick today
by Adoptedbrat80083 October 06, 2017

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A person who as two personalities one that is kind caring and loving and one who is rude disrespectful lier and only cares about himself
Liam mills is a lier
by Liam mills August 12, 2016

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Steven Ramirez
He is such a prick.
by Douknowduhwayh January 30, 2018

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People who search their names in Urban dictionary which could be written by anyone then take an screenshot of it and put it on their Instagram
Look at that prick, she posted her name definition on instagram and she is so proud of it
by Nvid_rn August 16, 2018

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A fucking stupid ginger cunting nonce
“Oh do you know that jack kid”
“Yeah he’s a stupid fucking ginger cunting nonce”
“Ohhhh niceee”
by BIGNOBASH May 09, 2018

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a chachy toolbag who is a flamer
what a gay peter
by tool123456789 April 20, 2018

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