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The largest prick known to man. Sometimes also known as The Frozen Rope, or simply “The Towbar”.

Jonesy’s Prick once attended a wedding in Florida and signed the guestbook as such, all the while managing to also be at work in Boston.
Jonesy’s Prick makes the Biblical leviathan seem like a subatomic particle.
by Jonesy’sP February 21, 2019

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A fat prick that every one hates and no one talks too.
Oliver is a prick
by Big pp boy April 12, 2019

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A fucking stupid ginger cunting nonce
“Oh do you know that jack kid”
“Yeah he’s a stupid fucking ginger cunting nonce”
“Ohhhh niceee”
by BIGNOBASH May 09, 2018

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means that (name) thinks that (name) is a loser
"your an absolute fucking prick "
by John Mavan April 01, 2019

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fat prick
I shinycollector98'd the shit out my nan
by hbuubugiu887y65 March 07, 2019

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1. Someone who is hated excessively.

2. An individual seen as mean or nasty by others with less intellect.

3. Someone who is unbearable to others because of “off” ways of intelligence.

4. A person who is seen as a worthless asshole because of stone-hearted actions and words.

5. Someone who digs into the pores of arguments.

6. A button pusher.

Verb: (as in being a prick)

1. A response to excessive rage in a hateful manor.
I hate this prick, always knows how to get me going!

This guy straight up crosses the line!

In just a few words he pissed me off!
by SingAlong May 06, 2018

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a chachy toolbag who is a flamer
what a gay peter
by tool123456789 April 20, 2018

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