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Mia is the most kindest girlfriend, she thinks for herself and makes people laugh!!!!!!!She's super nice and everytime you argue with her, she just lets it go. She is super pretty, that she can make all the boys turn around ! Mia is never mean, so go get yourself a mia (;
Mia is one of the greatest friends I could ever ask for
by o_Jacklyn August 13, 2017

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Girl with a big heart, beautiful,pretty, kind. Always will help you. Really pretty face and body. Have alot friends.
Guna is really cute and nice. Have alot friends. Guna is smart. Guna like spend time with friends. You can always trust Guna.
by Yoolja January 10, 2018

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Shes the most loyal friend you will ever have and is so trustworthy you can trust her with any of your secrets. Shes beautiful and humorous.
oh look! Its Shamla! i love her
by anhonestpersonwhosalwayshonest January 22, 2018

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A kind and pretty lady who has nice dark hair and eyes. She looks tall and is a playful soul.
Amandalis is very good-looking.
by Perrydaplatapus June 01, 2017

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Pretty ,Smart,intelligent,Savage Big booty,Young Girl that Everyone likes and she gets all the boys
I wanna be like chkhiya
by Star_Baby.18 May 07, 2017

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Joshaia is a girl that is fun to be around is always there for someone but also can be a little rude joshaia is someone who has no filter and says what she pleases any guy could be luck enough to have her or any girl whoever her bestfriends are should be happy get you a joshaia.
RJ: damn joshaia is so nice she's

MONICA: ikr shit keep her in your life you need her 😂😂
by Dick me down445 March 13, 2017

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Prettier than prettiest.
Wow, my boyfriend is prettiester than me... he's way out of my league! uwu.. so pretty.
by Love, Sun. October 29, 2018

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