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Mia is the most kindest girlfriend, she thinks for herself and makes people laugh!!!!!!!She's super nice and everytime you argue with her, she just lets it go. She is super pretty, that she can make all the boys turn around ! Mia is never mean, so go get yourself a mia (;
Mia is one of the greatest friends I could ever ask for
by o_Jacklyn August 13, 2017

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A girl from the Philippines with a gorgeous skin color. Who can really cut good food and has allowed us laugh you have ever. With a super sweet and nice personality
Wow! Did you tast Lowellas cookies she made sat night
by Stop_bitching November 20, 2016

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A girl that is smart and a lovely girl to be with the most loyal person u will ever met. The most gorgeous girl in world
I really want be a qyana
by Mrstillyoyrgirl April 18, 2017

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SHE is very pretty smart ,kind and she cares for everyone. And she will do anything for her and her family .
Lismel is cute.
by Lismel April 21, 2018

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A very pretty African American, soon to be successful girl. She slay everyone and is very cute. She got a lil booty, very skinny but still popin. Dont take no shit from nobody. All talk aside, her hands be ready. Very smart, strong, and amazing. She is goddess/queen bee. She loves shoes and clothes and is a girly girl. Very loud and lit asf.
Omg is that winter?


Lord she is pretty!
by Ausjwjau March 25, 2017

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A bad bitch. Typically light skinned. Hates people. Most likely her name begins with the letter K. She's a head turner and all the females hate her.
Kocky Kay
by Ammmmmxoxox June 18, 2018

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Joshaia is a girl that is fun to be around is always there for someone but also can be a little rude joshaia is someone who has no filter and says what she pleases any guy could be luck enough to have her or any girl whoever her bestfriends are should be happy get you a joshaia.
RJ: damn joshaia is so nice she's

MONICA: ikr shit keep her in your life you need her 😂😂
by Dick me down445 March 13, 2017

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