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A girl who is black and crazy most of the time and is very cool and makes friends easily who loves very much
De'Ari is a beauty
by cdhilkreks, May 14, 2018

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She is really Beutiful,and very attractive.If you have a friend like Quenterra you are very lucky.She has your back.Even tough you dont have yours.Shes loyal and nice.Quenterra's are very very smart and independent.She is family oreinted and helping other people out.She is very romantic.Quenterra's are goofy and humorous.They are a joy to be around and make you smile.There are more unique things about Quenterra's.
Quenterra is Beautiful
by Quenterra June 10, 2018

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Name for the most kind hearted woman. Showing her love sincrely. Do not easily give up in many things. And also dedicated everyone around her. Her smiles gave motivation
A: Hey look! Her smiles so cute.
B. Yes! I think she also pretty and gorgeous
A: I think i want marry her.
C: She is Su'aidah. My classmate. She kind hearted woman. Everyone like her.
A&B: Nice ideas.
by Peter Parker, 29 December 2017 April 23, 2018

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Juliettey is a hot smart and crazy girl. She is the wife of Garbage and is sooooo pretty. Garbage: she will be in my heart always. Juliette ilysm. I will never do anything to make u hate me- hubby. Ily lovieeeee
Oml ilysm Juliettey- hubby
by Juliettey April 14, 2019

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Sammy V
“You’re such a hecker head!”
by TheOjHecker February 21, 2019

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It is a unique name for a female.She can be really loud and does crazy things.She is really smart and has a good personality.
Meledin is amazing
by Hdiwowubsbxbd January 17, 2019

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She is a very pretty girl with a bad attitude and stubborn some times but most of the men love her
Damn Brandazia fine
by Bring May 16, 2018

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