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When someone double majors in English and Physics.
Austin is pretentious.
by whitegirl11111 January 04, 2017

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Adjective. Pretentious refers to a person or entity who carries an aura of pretense to everything they say and do. It's as though they're trying to milk every factoid or article they read, working them into conversations and social media updates, to portray themselves as godly or intelligent, or sometimes just plain superior. Because this is the ever-present pretense behind all their words and actions, conversation with them is limited only to: placating agreement to everything they say, or walking away before you lose your temper.
That pretentious guy who figured out how to tie his shoes before being taught, and thus feels he deserves a 50/50 stake in the creation of shoes: I believe Rick and Morty is a post-modernist, deconstruction critique of the bourgeois view on LiMiTeD uniVerSEs.
His imaginary best friend: That's so true.
by Camel Geyser September 14, 2018

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