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Maja is a very posh girl who thinks shes very unposh but she always loves her friends
Friend: Maja your so posh

Maja: i know
by Hyahrq184 June 07, 2018

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The posh place in between chavvy places such as Leigh, Wigan and golborne. Anybody who comes from Lowton will always refer to it as it’s the only non tramp infested place in the whole entire areas. Many people are stuck up and think they’re bees knees, never ever refer to them as wiganers else they’ll be very affended at the insult
No darling, i don’t not live in golborne! I live in Lowton
Do you live in Wigan? Noooo, Lowton is Warrington which is in cheshire
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by Acttrue December 08, 2018

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