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The populars are the mean people at school who think they're better than everyone else, but in reality they are just a group of ditzy brats who like hating on people who are better than them. They're the people who love attention and are often reffered to as drama queens. Most likely, they had about 25 gfs/bfs in their first 15 years of living. In the future they'll probably just be sitting on a curb begging for money because their rich parents even gave up on them.
Maureen is the most annoying and over-dramatic popular there is.
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by bbgirlll April 05, 2017

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A guy who is very popular not very good looking. Great in bed and a very loving person. Also don’t get on his bad side.
If you meat Sinsir you will fall in love
by Snarget45 January 21, 2018

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