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When you gotta shit really badly, however running to the toilet will make you shit yourself, but you won't make it if you walk.
I'm a block away from my house, and that taco bell is starting to kick in... I'm in a real catch 20-poo!
by Sir guydudeman December 21, 2016

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When you are defecating in a public setting and trying to get in and out quickly, so that no one knows you are taking a dump, and you realize that you are producing a messy dump that will require much wiping, therefore blowing your cover.
I was on this date with Katrina, and my stomach started acting up so I tried to go to the restroom quickly, but I laid down an absolute monster of a terd and got totally maroon fived.
by justindelaney October 25, 2018

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To take a large poop in your friends shower then smash it through the shower grate until essentially only the corn is left.
My boy didn’t pay the rent, so I gold rushed the place.
by Thedarkcity April 16, 2019

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Only realistic if you have fierce and soft diarrhea, the kind you might chance upon after a spicy meal or a binge at PF Chang's. To achieve: point your anus toward the sky, proceed to projectile shit and periodically redirect your ablutions (left or right) in the same way a lawn sprinkler may redirect water on a front lawn.
Had the worst shits the other night, decided to do a Calabasas Sprinkler all over the bath
by Soul_Doubt January 12, 2019

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A family-friendly way of denoting a defecation incident or the threat thereof. In other words, someone just pooped or needs to badly. It's perhaps most often used by medical professionals, who frequently have to use other codes so code brown just fits right in.
oh boy, looks like we've got a code brown over here. Grab gloves everyone.
by Twisted Code May 08, 2017

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a person who poops every-time they pee
john: my roommate is a total dofa

duck: really i hate it when that happens
by Idkduck July 15, 2018

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