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a person who blows you
can you #friend me
by in a plain January 19, 2017

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big doo doo lmao
sweet stinky scat
by Obunga ape September 01, 2018

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thatbrown shit
he took a poop
by hurricanediabetes December 18, 2017

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When a "love one" shits when your mouth
"Sarah gave me a Hershey Kiss after the Super Bowl party last night"
by KerriBerriWithNoCherri February 05, 2017

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Perfectly swirled poop
Look! That dog just took a huge swizzle turd
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by Lackadams May 02, 2018

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Poopy-Boi Is An Insult That Means Someone Who Did Something Bad Or Someone That You Hate
The Insult Is Also Used By Joey Tugf Alot
Kms Such A Poopy-Boi
I Know Right Yesterday He Flushed My Toilet Water. That Poopy-Boi

Ninja Found A Real Poopy-Boi On Fortnite Yesterday, Did You See?
Yes. Yes I Did See. He Was Such A Poopy-Boi. He Broke Ninjas Base Down Onto A Trap
via giphy
by Joey Tugf September 02, 2018

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