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poo. u should no this by now
"i had a poo"
by anonymous... poohead November 13, 2017

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When you run out of toilet role and rush to your bed using yours sheets in its place in order to clean your anus thourghly.
'I ran out of toilet role and was forced to sheet wipe'

'My anus was very saw after that sheet wipe'

'I change my sheets after every sheet wipe'
by Banana Split March 02, 2017

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An incredibly obnoxious and rude insult. Can be Fatal
Ur mum gay
by Pooeh poohead October 05, 2018

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Too skinny or under weight
Lewis: she is so skinny

Carl: no she’s annarexic
by Poolicker27 June 26, 2018

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When, in order to determine whether you just executed a perfect no-wiper, you must wipe.
Man, I KNOW that was a top quality slider but you've just gotta be sure. Classic catch 20-poo.
by Japarab October 31, 2018

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Its like Sharknado but with poo
ahh mate i just watch sharknado

i think poonarmy would be a better film
i agree
by PickleRickwubba June 06, 2018

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