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A political ideology that will cut taxes, erase business and environmental protections but regulate what adults do behind closed doors.
"Nominating men who want to lock up pot smokers, criminalize same sex relations and register people based on their religion while letting big business do whatever it f***ing wants is the new reality of Trumptalitarian America."
by Justadude502 November 18, 2016

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Someone who believes pregnant women should always have a choice to access a safe and legal abortion. Even if they think it’s wrong or right, they support people having a choice to decide what they need/want to do with their bodies.
Person 1 : Are you pro-life or prochoice?

Person 2 : Pro-choice because I want people to be able to have a choice to make the best decision for themselves
by Rvn January 29, 2018

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Competition to assess who can shit the fastest
"Gonna have a shit off to see who gets the US presidency job"
by DIRTY BOLLOCKS June 23, 2017

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A broad political term usually used to describe the power structure that includes, but is not limited to, the mainstream media, the permanent state, and a host of politicians and politically connected people which work to keep the status quo, especially as it pertains to the warfare state.
"Every Establishment news outlet will be for every war" - Jimmy Dore
"The Establishment is so petrified, including Romney, that we could actually win a war, and that we could actually end a war" - Rand Paul
by tumelo January 08, 2019

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A fiscally conservative (deficit reduction, lower taxes, smaller government), but socially liberal (abortion rights, marijuana legalization, LGBTQ+ rights) Republican.
As two New York Republicans, Adam and Rachel realized they were actually funpublicans.
by Andy565 November 27, 2018

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Rich benefactors, corporate, nepotistic, lobbyists, criminals infiltrate and influence government for the advantage of a few at the peril of others is on the rise.
After the proposed tax reform package was introduced, even the most fervent denier could see, the swamp level rising.
by mlhiss April 27, 2017

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When you are killed or something is destroyed or made up about you.
A: rip Seth rich

B: rip him yea he was Clintoned
by Tadoe May 31, 2018

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