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A political ideology that will cut taxes, erase business and environmental protections but regulate what adults do behind closed doors.
"Nominating men who want to lock up pot smokers, criminalize same sex relations and register people based on their religion while letting big business do whatever it f***ing wants is the new reality of Trumptalitarian America."
by Justadude502 November 18, 2016

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Competition to assess who can shit the fastest
"Gonna have a shit off to see who gets the US presidency job"
by DIRTY BOLLOCKS June 23, 2017

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A fiscally conservative (deficit reduction, lower taxes, smaller government), but socially liberal (abortion rights, marijuana legalization, LGBTQ+ rights) Republican.
As two New York Republicans, Adam and Rachel realized they were actually funpublicans.
by Andy565 November 27, 2018

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Language whose meaning is obscured by use or overuse of vague phrasing, complicated sentence structures, and jargon. Used mainly by politicians to squiggle out of a tough situation. A portmanteau of camouflage and language.
But that's camouflanguage you're using. What does that all mean?! What are you trying to say?!
by cutesy pastel living doll August 19, 2017

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Rich benefactors, corporate, nepotistic, lobbyists, criminals infiltrate and influence government for the advantage of a few at the peril of others is on the rise.
After the proposed tax reform package was introduced, even the most fervent denier could see, the swamp level rising.
by mlhiss April 27, 2017

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The opposite of 1st World Socialism;. Rather than believing that Stalin wasn't a true Socialist, Hoxhaists believe that Joseph Stalin was the only true communist, and that all non-stalinist communists are fakes.

Started in 1950s by a paranoid Albanain dictator who accused the USSR, China and Yugoslavia of being imperialists and fake communists.
Every Socialist of every breed was invited to the communist rally, except John, because he believed in hoxhaism.
by Apercent June 14, 2018

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some messed up shit.
What the fuck is wrong with Politics?
via giphy
by _bIlLiE eYeLaSh_ May 29, 2019

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