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A cop or law enforcement
Those pigs arrested my nigger freind
by RomeoM6D March 07, 2019

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A Scottish version of the police force in the northern half of the United Kingdom. They are much more lenient that other police forces as they usually do the devil's lettuce themselves. They also cruise around thinking theh are hard when they would get sparked anyday in the area known as 'Torry'
Martin: "Shan heres some weed bro x"
Police Scotland: "Thanks bro. give me a Fat Deal of you are going to the slammer lol xx"
Martin: "Shan okay. anything for my bro x"
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by SlipperySandison March 07, 2018

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A corrupt police officer. Etymology: pol-ICE off-ICE-r + mack.
Don't ever mess with a double ice mack.
by Guest Services May 09, 2017

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