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A person (usually male) who plays with women's emotions until he gets them to have feelings for him and then ends the relationship the second they do. Usually suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome because they just can't grow up and it's all a game to them.
Peter Scrivanos of Ancient Greece, a highly patriarchal society, was a notorious neighborhood player.
by humblebee_66 June 04, 2017

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Dude I don’t know about Derek I feel like he’s just MWMH
by Lupita February 05, 2018

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a player who doesn’t care about girls feeling and goes back and forth between them like their objects. Has zero respect for anyone and thinks he can do whatever he wants with no consequences.
wow Lloyds a player
by lloyd ziparo April 12, 2019

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A bomb ass bitch. There's only one in the entire world. She's bomb af. Don't fuck wit her. She crazy. Usually a strawberry blonde with blue eyes.
Oh shit, did you see Ana Player today?

Yeah man. She's the best. She's one of a kind.
by Roxiwitani February 13, 2017

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Is a big tall dad that is good a video games. Absolutely fills girls up in the bed.
Guy: That girl is walking side to side, she totally got pumped by a Colby last night.
by thedude wwithcoolio February 26, 2019

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Imere is a bioplar kid that always get mad at people for no reason. Imere doesn't care about a lot of things, imere is so handsome, funny, cool to be around. Imere is a player.
Imere gets all the chicks
by Imere July 16, 2017

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A cute boy who is also a player . He breaks girls hearts . And he does stuff to people that he doesn't want to be done to him . He tries to make girls that really like him jealous .
Omgg ! You cheated on her bro ? Your being such a Jeremy !
by /thetruth/ March 15, 2017

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