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The most ghettoest middle school in Colorado.
rifle middle school is trash.
by dennis hood kid March 29, 2017

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The best misspelling of a great food.
I tipped the puzza delivery guy $10 .
by Potatoprincess18 May 28, 2018

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A pizza consisting of meatball, bacon, and onion.
I'm ordering The Quaid pie.
by Wolf518 October 03, 2017

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The only thing that will bring eternal peace to this goddamn world...
"Pizza is love ... Pizza is life..."
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by MadMushroom November 06, 2016

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When your Chicago friend comes in and procrastinates for the entire night without doing a single piece of work from class.
My friend is such a Procrastinating Pizza
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by Bastion Boi69 October 23, 2018

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A crust that was bestowed to us by the gods when they blessed us the Italian Pie that is Pizza, only when you truly want to live you order this on your pizza. Not only will you granted Immortality you can also EAT IT IN REVERSE.
Dude 1: Hey bro wanna good time?
Dude 2: I already ordered the STUFFED CRUST pizza bro
Dude 3: Can I have some?
Dude 2: Get away from us peasant
by Kingofcaddy May 08, 2018

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