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When y'all driving around late at night and of you gotta take a piss so you hop out real fast and empty your bladder in under 8 seconds
Ay bruh, I gotta pee real bad, pull over

Aight, it better be a somark power piss tho or I'm leaving your ass behind
by GucciKing28 September 09, 2018

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When a g pisses down a girls throat.
Man, she loved the slim shizzle last night.
by Figureado S September 18, 2017

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The act of inserting an entire disco ball plugged into a wall into your partner's anus. To complete this sexually enticing piss, the inserter must then urinate all over the disco ball to create an effect that shimmers and shines.
Yeah, I gave that four year old one hell of a San Francisco Sparkling Disco yesterday. That'll teach her not to where that sexy looking skirt!
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by titty tickler of the seven sea September 17, 2017

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Devordrick is a sweet kind and caring guy , until you piss him off he helps others and is not selfish. He is also a great sex partner ,rough sex comes from devordrick!
That guy over there is so kind-hearted he's got to be a devordrick.
by brig-it December 18, 2016

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When a male with an erections goes to pee and it goes everywhere
Bro come look I had a pissplosion
by SOUR BOY REjeCT July 16, 2019

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The native tongue of the stoner
I’m fluent in marijuanese
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by Pissboy October 17, 2018

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Urinating on fires in protests
"Cleveland: Public urination is just wrong, exept during the million man march where protesters burn porta poties. Then i use my stream of justice to put put the hate"
by Scorpio101 August 08, 2018

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