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A fucking savage, pimp, and the goat
"Damn, Luke just stole my girl"
"Luke is such a savage"
by Soorman December 12, 2016

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A gang whole of talented artists who are trying to make it in the rap Industry
YOOOOO, did you see Brandon? He rockin with the PimpMob now!
by PimpMob September 17, 2018

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sex god
i wish i was a shanthosh
by shanthosh November 05, 2017

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a pimp is a person who has a lot of women w/ dough and doesnt give a fuck
he has a lot of girls cause he's a pimp
by feoda.p May 20, 2017

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Pimp asf
Damn your quappy
by Destry Hamm February 26, 2017

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A mixture of grape soda or grape juice combined with ginger ale.
Bobby ran out of Pepsi, so he made him a pimp cup.
by Heather Sterling February 08, 2018

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Middle aged white male homosexual sugar daddy or pimp
"How'd you get that new Apple Watch? Their so expensive?"
"My Skidoo gave me one for having sex with his friends"
by kfc4life August 21, 2018

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