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an obese midget that likes elenas coochie but only eats his dogs ass in his bed he nuts only when his mom reads him a bed time story
Danielyou big goober
by Cooper is wierd April 16, 2019

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This isn't a number. It's a cake like thingy placed in a tin and baked in an oven, you little shits.
I am just gonna write p... hang on! What's that smell? Poop flavored pie?! Must go!
via giphy
by h2008 July 14, 2018

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Someone who just roasted waltius szafran
You are a burnt pie
by Goonie goonie get goonie September 04, 2017

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A pie hider is where the stomach is so flabby and saggy that it hides a females pie (vagina) from view.
Check the size of her, she's got a heavy pie hider
by Woshambo January 17, 2017

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