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This is fear of the number 13. It goes back to the time of Christ where there were 13 at the last supper and is a surprisingly common fear. Hotels rarely have a 13th floor and many people will not be part of a group of 13; Winston Churchill, for example, refused to dine at a table with 13 guests.
Many people suffer from triskaidekaphobia
by AKACroatalin February 16, 2017

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The fear of decapitation. The word is derived from the Greek term for head (kefáli ) and the Greek term for cut (témnō)
"I think that kid might have Kefalitemnophobia."
by JasperSchwartz January 20, 2018

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A fear of unicorns which fire lasers and star in king kong.
Person1: Hey, did you hear about the new king kong movie?
Person2: I-I don't want to talk about it...
Person1: Don't tell me you have cornuthallanaxsimianastercinesiaphobia
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by Toontownplayer.exe July 08, 2018

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Tipaphobia is a phobia which involves the fear of a fingertip touching another fingertip
"I cringe when I try to make my fingertips touch"
"That's called Tipaphobia"
by americanboy77 December 14, 2018

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Fear of all non-mammals.
Billy: Wow a lizard .
Joe: Get that discussing thing away from me, dont you know I have Mithilastikophobia.
by That Kid From School May 20, 2018

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Any human being afraid of human beings named Steven.
OMG you are afraid of him to! thats called Capitanophobia!
by Smacking_Seal August 08, 2017

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Afraid of being afraid or being afraid.
Intense fear of phobophobia is called phobophobophobia.
by Flool August 07, 2017

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