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The underlying idea behind one or more stated points, each point being a salient fact or observation that is relevant to some course of discussion. This phenomenon occurs when an individual expresses a series of points, the spirit of which could be summarized more concisely (although often with greater potential for misinterpretation) by the metapoint. It is rare but possible to recurse to the next level of summarization, when one makes numerous obvious points that could be grouped and summarized by fewer less obvious metapoints that in turn could be summarized by a metametapoint. It all depends on the granularity of thought used in formulating the original set of points. A metapoint does need not to be stated in order to exist. It simply exists.
One may reasonably conjecture that all the truth in the universe may be reduced to one single hitherto unknown metapoint.
by metamaster October 04, 2018

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Philosophies often thought up by stoned surfers that sit in the back of the shop waxing the boards.
(Surfer thoughts because this bullshit needs to include the word being defined) Dude, aren’t beds like, shelves for your body when you’re not using it?
by El ritardo June 01, 2019

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When one or more genders have intercourse,

should fertilization occur a new gender might be created. Due to this fact, in order to maintain the binary that holds society as we know it together, and to eleminate any need for critical thought (um, eww? am I right?) all genders made post 2016 are done so through cloning, and are infertile. Should two genders ever engage in coitus it risks triggering the third impact.
Oh shit! Fuck!

The Gender has breached the Central Dogma!
Shinji! You must prevent gendersex at all costs!!1!!one!!!
*gender vs giant robot battle ensues*
by Adequately sticious July 29, 2019

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The work of the heavens. Commonly discussed as a physical representation of philosophy as a whole.
"Whether you have considered the boundaries of realities, or not, the Galaxy, ever so inspiring man to evolve simply by its looks, is in itself a marker, pointing to the fact that the infinity is ahead of us, and human understanding of the laws of the universe mean nothing.
by Sunslayer July 10, 2018

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