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fat but in a good way.
damn that bitch phat as shit
by washyourmomsface December 02, 2018

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Much like how the word fat means large, whereas phat mean excellent. Whuge works as an extension on huge, being that huge in many ways means fat, whuge means a good fat.
That girls ass is fat, but not too fat... like whuge.

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phat as sh..
why is you so dang phat
by tacaylahwitherspoon922 November 30, 2017

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An excellent penis that will satisfy your every need...
Belinda: Jacob I want that Phat ERA
Jacob: SoRrY I CaNt SuPpLy ThAt NoW, I'm iN a BiG gAmE oF sEiGe!
Belinda: Fine I'll get the boys...
Jacob: MaD InViTe BrUh
via giphy
by Pats Boy12345 October 28, 2018

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Something of great magnitude
"I'm bout to take a phat nap rn"
"Yo I just took the phattest L on that physics test"
by Phatnap October 18, 2017

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Grace’s typically date an entire group of friends, and send nudes to any guy, has a phat ass and is super hot
“Damn bro that girl sent me nudes last night...she’s definitely a Grace”
by Long dick style69 November 17, 2017

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Griffin is a boi
by boiboi32 November 29, 2018

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