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Peter will seem good at first. Different than the others, even. He'll make you feel special, and weightless, and like everyone else is blurry and he's the only one in focus. He'll keep this going for a while, until he gets bored of you. Right when you get comfortable, that's when he'll leave, and then you'll realize he was the same as the rest of them all along.
Peter left me.
by imstillsalty April 23, 2017

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What's left inside a mans shaft after he ejaculates
After he came his ol lady milked out his peter squeezins until dry
by Buckin-fastard January 01, 2017

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a smol bean holding onto his father figure as he disintegrates into the unknown
Tony Stark held Peter as he grasped onto him before he was one with the dust.
by WandaMaximoff1989 July 12, 2018

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A person who is a bit "slow". Wants to have sex with Neža, is very bad in Rainbow Six Siege and normally has AIDS/cancer and genital herpes. Eats "polenta" with ketchup.
A : Oh, there is a Peter Gregorič there.
B: Quick, get away from him.
by O KD June 18, 2018

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