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Someone who oogles goodies of another person, could be called a "perv" in a joking matter
Chris says: "and your boobs look real nice in that picture too 🤣"
Kara says: "lol you perv"
by Because I said so!!!! June 09, 2017

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a kind of bird that lives near shores
they catch fish by diving into the ocean
guy 1: those are some large boobies
guy 2: ah yes, those birds are quite large
by AlrightJambo September 16, 2018

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shelly is your town perv. stalking the streets always on the prowl.

watch it!
shelly stared into an open window
by ShelsieTheSeashell May 17, 2018

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A guy who checks out woman, who happens to be ugly.
Sam checked me out and he's ugly, so he's a pervert.
by Kumaren March 02, 2018

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A powerful part of a womens body that attracts perverted males.
Males refer to these as sex toys.
Women: He staring at my Tits?
Man: Cant wait to use those!
by SeagullLettuce September 11, 2018

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