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An example of a young, good looking person, often a male. Generally known by their amazing personality, and fast replying to messages on social medias. If you find a Olafur near you, you should really try and make friends with him.
Oh look at that handsome boy there, that most be an Olafur.
by TheCakeBoy February 26, 2017

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Faustino a boy that is Smart and has a Great personality. He likes sports and he can have alot if friends. Any girl would be lucky to have him.
Why is Faustino so funny
by Killer ghost May 02, 2018

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Amazing girl who deserves so much respect for what she does. Respects everyone’s opinion, a bit shy but one of the cutest girls with the best personality.
Boy: You are dating an Astha?
Boy 2: Yeahh I’m lucky 😉
by She thought it was rented March 30, 2018

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