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Trailer park trash, usually constracts STD's and lives in filth.
Damn look how dirty that girl is, she must be a Shiranda.
by hbpmhs May 22, 2017

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A person often obsessed with comics and cats
You don't like marvel as much as zoe
by fancymanhatboy October 19, 2016

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She is a fun and loving girl who will stick by your side through anything. She can be emotional or a crazy physco bitch shes honest and looks out for any one she really loves and care for
Thomas : Hey Izzy

Izzy : hey buddy
by Edd234156 March 07, 2017

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A person who tries to make people laugh but instead gets hated alot
"Stop being a laughtryer please,your not funny all you do is freaking pick your boogers and eat them"
by Spoon ands Bananas May 31, 2018

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A hatred movement
dont be a BaHa
by fortenight gang May 12, 2018

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Some butters guy/giraffe, has gaps in teeth,pulls girls but gets dumped weeks later. Smelly breathe and smelly balls and also has a small dick.
"This ify guy is lanky AF and has a long neck, worst of all he's yellow like a banana."
by Mr girrafe May 08, 2018

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Deserey is not ugly buh a lil pretty she is smart she stays up all night she Has goals for herself
Deserey sleeps in too much
by Loserhilfiger April 23, 2018

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