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nice girl likes to sing mainly like the song . that a logina made its logina drums in back round with gitaur its logina oooo yea they
hey logina u looking prity good today
by loginafan123 March 19, 2019

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Someone who runs their mouth telling everyone pointless shit that nobody cares about. Take extra care not to interact with him unless you want to have a horrible day
Oh wow here comes Riley, bet he’s gonna spout about more pointless shit
by Gayman6006 January 20, 2019

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A hot filipino male that yes, you guessed it loves McDonalds. Has so much fuckin respect for the ladies you don't even know. Man is loyal and is hella hot.
Bro did you see Anjelo? He's a fuckin' ladies man
by freetreway October 12, 2018

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dylan is a very sweet guy. he always helps you with your problems and you can tell him anything. he is very accepting. he’s so funny, nice and cute. you can talk to him for hours. it is always great to have a dylan in your life
dylan is
by laylabosley July 01, 2019

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A person with mental problems and is usually depressed
Person 1. Hey dude!
Person 2. Sorry i don't want to speak i'm a merix
by 1hl April 27, 2019

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A hatred movement
dont be a BaHa
by fortenight gang May 12, 2018

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Some butters guy/giraffe, has gaps in teeth,pulls girls but gets dumped weeks later. Smelly breathe and smelly balls and also has a small dick.
"This ify guy is lanky AF and has a long neck, worst of all he's yellow like a banana."
by Mr girrafe May 08, 2018

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