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The perfect girl everyone wants and wants to keep there entire life
Cameran is so beautiful
by The annoying kid May 30, 2017

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Gorgeous beautiful kind lady. Very caring but the level of jealousy is like a god. Sometimes crying without causes and laughing without causes. Because she is crazy. Full of sweet and surprises. Love food but hate fat. She is the one. The girl that completed man’s life.
basyirah is a girl than man need.
by Basmine December 30, 2017

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He is really hot, and uber caring. He always wants to make you feel special, and always does. He is the sweetest boy on earth and you should never leave him. He is perfect.
My happiness started with Truman
by Ryder43 December 01, 2016

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best name any one can have. Makes others jealous.
I am so jealous of that canedo!
via giphy
by demolsher2005 May 25, 2017

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Eilanie is a strong and gorgeous women. She’s very athletic and attractive. She’s always there for her friends and everyone loves her personality. Eilanie is a person everyone needs in their life.
Wow, I wish I could be just like Eilanie.
by Lizzz18 May 16, 2018

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Konstynze is beautiful amazing talented and always cares for people and animals she is so perfect it drives you crazy. She is gorgeous and will always be there in a time of crisis she’s one to hold on to.
Konstynze is so perfect!
by Konstynze May 11, 2018

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The most perfect and gorgeous person that has ever set foot on earth
Perfectester could be used to define N.T-S
by Renpish June 14, 2018

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