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The perfect girl everyone wants and wants to keep there entire life
Cameran is so beautiful
by The annoying kid May 30, 2017
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Catia is the definition of Perfect! She is the prettiest girl in the world😍. Everything about her is just so perfect! Catia is the kind of girl that guys will not just look at twice but 5 times that's how hot she is! She is the kinda girl that even looks so pretty in glasses😍 She is the first girl to look super pretty even when she wakes up!
Catia is perfect and will always be!
by The new definition for perfect February 20, 2018
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Bruh heidi is flawless
by Jk245577 February 09, 2018
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The softest, most useful material on earth. A beutifal soft piece of paper used to clean anything wet or dirty. Usually coming in a roll, and used mainly in the bathroom.
"I used the whole role of toliet paper after that dump"

"Bro, here's some toliet paper to wipe that off"
by A dead man January 15, 2018
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Well... they aren't many words to describe them. They are the PERFECT couple. They are extremely loyal and nothing can separate them from each other. Not even Paula. <3
"Every body wants a relationship like Ben and Railey"
by Benjiandray September 01, 2017
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very addictive towards korean drama trailers,hot korean boys(also cute) ,arts,brushes,colours,thick eyebrows person, food and also sHY :^)) literally the one with this name is an angel, one in infinity. might also short but pretty.
by hot byeonggari August 22, 2017
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The perfect last name for a lucky ass girl.
Wow I am so lucky to be a Zerbst
by Liplou January 24, 2017
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