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A person of Hispanic origin that is a Donald Trump supporter, even while his support diminishes his own dignity and self-respect, and in many cases is contrary to his and his loved ones’ best interest.

The term applies either to opportunistic individuals that have an ulterior political or economic motives, or to insecure self-hating ‘lighter’ Hispanics that might have similar racist and bigoted views to the more extreme Trump white supporters and pretend Trump is not talking about them.
You are such a trumpendejo! How can you vote for Trump? Don’t you care that your aunt and uncle might be deported if he wins?
by Asi Las Cosas October 27, 2016

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1) something you never call your mother
3...Omg 3 is my fav okay, 3) a fabulous majestic bitch
You: mom you puta

Mom: what do you just call me!?
*bitch slaps you and call you a lil bitch pussy*
by Marijuana420niqqah August 26, 2016

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A pendejo
Ira un jesus marchant pendejo
by Unmexicanoal1000 December 05, 2016

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