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(Also known as mother natures pee) A slang for ocean
"Oh no, little johnny drowned in earth piss last Friday, what a shame"
by Bigmancooch March 10, 2019

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When you have to go pee but you held it in for song long that it's hard to get it out. And you may have to push on your bladder.
Math class was so long that I got fucking peestipated.
by jahina December 01, 2017

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yellow pee snow just without the W
I messed up trying to spell "yellow snow" butt!!! i put yellow sno

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female peepee tool
i pee out of my vigina
by vigina456 November 10, 2018

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Always peeing on themselves
Ronmel pants wet and stink
by Big daddt August 19, 2017

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comes out of the urethra and is normally a light yellow or even clear colour. can be very dark if the person is dehydrated or has a medical condition.
Kat pees a lot. Maybe she's drinking lots of water?
by hawu March 14, 2018

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