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A very large child pornographer (usually over 500 pounds), a pedophile and a child molester who mainly likes 5-14 year-olds.
There is a person in jail for pappadakising a 6 year-old.
by TGOAT3 February 25, 2018

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A term used to refer to a paedophile. In common usage within correctional facilities. Derived from the analogy that a paedophile, like a rock spider, is always getting into little cracks. Crass and vulgar, I know, but there is.
Girl: I'm 13
Guy: Show me your boobs
Girl: You sound like Arun Veera
Guy: Cuz I am ;)
by Nebula#BH February 07, 2018

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A pedophile
Dude did you hear tekashi fucked kids
by RadicalRacist September 15, 2018

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A colloquial term for pedophile.
"Don't go near him, he's a peda peda."
by cla321 April 19, 2018

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another term for pedophilia
A further problem occurred when a Michigan case against uncle duty was tossed out of court.
by Douglas Duncan July 30, 2017

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A pedophile/ older man that likes abusive behavior in his relationship with his prepubescent counterpart.
Man.. that guy Is such a Gus bus.
by Fhjjsjdhdus February 15, 2018

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A female pedophile
She's going to jail because she's a pedofemme.

Pedofemme highschool teacher arrested for sexual relationship with student.
by ParkJJ April 20, 2018

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