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A Pedo
Big Srroking Facking Nonce
by Best Roadman In The World February 28, 2017

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When your wifi is as good as Steven Hawkins walking ability
wow he must have josh's wifi, it is really fucked up
by ffyfyfyfhhf is the namgacold April 21, 2018

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PDFL Stands for Pedophile For Life. You can also say PDFL4LIFE.

Its origins are named from PDF File which also sounds like Pedophile.
So if you need a secret code for calling someone a Pedophile - call them a PDFL.

Nobody will ever know...
Me: Hey, that teacher is looking at me weirdly!
Friend: Do you think he might be...
Both: A PDFL?!
by JeSuS<3ME December 11, 2017

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The type of guy that fucks dogs locally a pedo and goes to the park to watch little boys play.
Mom: why is that man watching our son
Dad: he must be an Isaac.
by Chandelier101 September 09, 2018

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Pretty much a male cougar

Likes younger women
"You seen coby lately"
"No but he is probably at a middle school"
by 12148453 March 30, 2017

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When you like older men, especially pedos in bars and pubs
“Oooo look that pedo, bet she’s gonna turn Paigey”
by Harley Davies September 23, 2018

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Another name for a pedo
Look at that Rollo over there, Oh rollo
by The Rollo April 19, 2018

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