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A great role model and all round top bloke. Caring, loving and always there when you need him, Paul is funny, endearing and charming. Someone you always want around. Just beware of the dodgy facial hair.
"Look at that awesome guy over there, his name must be Paul. "
by Stewdato8 February 10, 2018

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literally the worst friend ever. Can't spell anything right. Typically dyslexic. Very scrawny. They are very bipolar. Sometimes they are super nice and the other time, they are super rude. It is never in the middle. They are very ugly too.

Nickname: dingus
Jeez, he's such a Paul
by hiccupburp December 17, 2018

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The most talented man on the Earth.

He is a Designer, Grammy Award-Winning Artist, Mathematician, Linguist and a Scientist. He has found the time to contribute numerous things to society that we will be forever grateful for, such as Chicharon. His natural habitat is a Mathematics Classroom.
Paul is such a genius.
by songer August 22, 2017

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