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The best guy you'll EVER meet. He's sweet, caring, and can turn your bad day into a ray of sunshine. He could be either really athletic or not into sports. Either way, he compliments you every single day. He's handsome in the inside and out, anyone who's being asked out by a Patrick should quickly say yes. You won't regret it. He'll always tell you he loves you, and he'll know if you are feeling down. He'll probably text you day and night and come to your house to make sure you're okay. He'll know you're favorite ice cream flavor, and bring you that Rocky Road when you feel sick. Basically, he's the best person as a friend or boyfriend. Patrick will always be there by your side, high and dry.
Ellie: Who's the cute guy walking towards us? His girlfriend looks so happy with him!
Annie: Oh, that's Patrick. Ugh, I wish my boyfriend was like him!
by Ireallydonthavetimeforthisgurl January 15, 2018

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A sexy beast, mostly known for how loyal he is even when every girl is attracted to him. Has many hoes but if he feels something strong towards you he'll stick with you. Is very talented in music and sports. Also has a THICC penis.
Oh shit, that's Patrick Lewallen! Man I wish I was him!
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by PatRichForeva April 08, 2017

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