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Someone who‘s fufing is somone who‘s throwing fuffies through the club and annoys other ppl by doing it (to fufe)
Yo bro why are u fufing on the oder ppl here
by werrgoss August 04, 2018

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Something that prevents a party from continuing to bop. Similar to a cock block, but for parties
Cameron: Wow this party is boppin
McKain: Wow my parents just accidentally sent me there nudes.
Cameron: Woah man, what a Bop Stop
by poonslayer2014 May 29, 2017

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Something you'll never be invited to.
You: Oh I heard Jared's having a party down the street
Everyone else: *runs*
by Asshole from the other dimen October 23, 2017

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The BEST day EVER to be know to Mankind
Me: Did you here Tuesdays the 9/11 day? Mom: Yea.. IT'S THE BEST DAY EVER TOMARROW YEAAAAAA!!!!! Bolth: HELL YEA 9/11!!!!!!
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by Some retard who like, 9/11 August 02, 2018

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A dirty party. I.e., a party guaranteed to be excellent for all involved.

Not to be confused with day parties, which are just called day parties.
Hey you guys going to Harry's tonight? I hear it's going to be a real darty.
by ridememphis May 07, 2017

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Party hard
Where you going?
I'm heading to John's house for the party. I'm going to bool so hard.
by who the fuck is you January 16, 2017

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A playlist that someone plays at a party. Usually contain songs that the playlist creator likes or finds suitable for a party.
Person A: What are all of these K-Pop songs doing here?
Person B: It seems like Person C's party playlist.
by Jaytan804 May 11, 2018

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