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Paradise is where your heart is. It is to be happy with what you have or it is a goal or hope and a dream to have what you want. And what you want shouldn't be stuff, like cars and fancy this or that items that can be replaced and won't mean anything to you when your gone. Paradise is the closeness with friends and family and pets, memories from vacations raising a family even if it's your pets family. Paradise is whatever you want and make of it Paradise is the willingness to trade any and all of the physical things in this world to have real happiness. It's been said you can't "buy" your happiness. Even the richest man can't buy his life.
Paradise is where your heart is.
by Nothing compares 2 U May 09, 2018

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Me and You under a blanket
Well stay all night in paradise
by ravagium November 07, 2016

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