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This describes unzipping someone's pants to access their sex organ.
Wonda Wonderpig unzipped Ben Dover's jeans to cop his dick, fly robin was here game!
by I, Wreckerrr February 22, 2017

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An effeminate man..... Or an affection greeting to a friend ( being silly)
The guy is

GIRL pants..
look how he minces around the gaff.....
Hey Girl pants whats happening?
by TrousersPants September 16, 2018

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Jean pants
Man, look at my new jants!
by Sub-par memes June 06, 2018

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A Dan is a captivating, protective man who stops gossip and keeps all secrets behind his eyes. He knows more than anyone, but doesn't hurt people by breaking code. A Dan looks good in black dress pants and a belt! He is a perfect guy for girls who are deep. His friendship is always on the table, even when his pants are on the floor. Respect is his superpower!
How am I ever going to get over Dan?
Friend: Just get under him! Dan IS the man.
via giphy
by AnchorsUpandAway July 12, 2017

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by KoDuu September 13, 2018

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