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Jam Dick January is much like Destroy Dick December and No Nut November but this one is painful. It is when you smash your nuts on something and masturbate while doing it.
Hey you doing Destroy Dick December . Oh hellll Nahhhhh i'm training for Jam Dick January
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by Bic Pencils December 06, 2018

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Jam My January is like No Nut Novemer and Destroy Dick December but in Jam My January you have to smash your not on something and then masturbate while doing it. It's up for the challenge will you do it.
Hey are you doing Destroy Dick Decmeber. HEEEEELLL NAHHH man i'm not funna do that if I'm gonna do Jam My January
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by Bic Pencils December 03, 2018

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An expression that depicts a psychologically painful act as shoving an umbrella into your ass and open it inside. It's like kicking one's butt, but much more painful.
This job is really sucks, plus my boss hates me, I feel like he is going to open the umbrella inside.
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by Gyrun May 12, 2018

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