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To get angry when literally nothing went wrong.
All you did was lose don't pull an Owen
by BackstageAiden February 23, 2017
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The most amazing person alive.they are amazing at everything they do.the most handsomest and sweetest person ever also amazing in bed
Oh my god, that guy is such an Owen
by Akiduduxjjs November 22, 2016
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A sound guy that everyone needs in there life, someone you cant live without
Mandem: "your my Owen"

Pal: "OMG that means so much to me your my Owen"
by Okooko November 06, 2017
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One who likes to seminate into hula hoop packets.
"Dude, that guy just pulled an Owen!"
by Mrhankey420 April 16, 2017
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Basic white girl name.

Most likely age bracket is 18-27.

Despite there common namesake, girls named Krysta are surprisingly very attractive.

However, it is common to find atleast a few girls named Krysta at any rehab or recovery center.

In the bedroom, they are very sexual goddesses and most Krysta's mignt be squirters...?
Krysta is wife material but she needs to put down that crack pipe.
by RichardSpears859 October 18, 2017
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A by sexual trash can
That new kid is such an Owen!
by ThatOneGuy242 March 30, 2017
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a fat sea otter in love with chow chows
"ugh owen, he is SO ANNOYING"
by yomynameisjoeandireallyhavesix January 05, 2017
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