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One True Friend Group. This is like OTP (one true pair), but for the single people who find their satisfaction in friendship.
Out of all of my friends, you guys are my otfg.

Bob: Are you, Tammi, Emma, Alex, and Jenny going to the game tomorrow?
Imani: Yes we are!
Bob: That's cool. You guys are my otfg.
Imani: Aww!
by Maria Renee March 14, 2018

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Otp : On the phone
Tyler: Hey wanna get Otp with me?

Me: Ok sure!
by Lame af October 08, 2017

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One-Time Password.
Please write your OTP here.
Please verify your mobile with OTP code.
by Jumana1991 April 20, 2017

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Meaning: On the phone
"You fell asleep otp?"
by PandaTrapped December 23, 2016

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best ship sailed
I love the Tanny ship; it's not too slow not too fast.
by CupyNeedsHelp May 24, 2018

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