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Where someone is very good looking
Oscar is very very handsome
by Zachhhx December 21, 2017

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A half-human half-fish creature who likes turning his friends into memes. Unable to resist the danger, Oscar has a habit of picking a fight with 5 men at the same time while holding a bottle of Rum. Likes punching bags, playing boardgames with his New College boys. Extremely shy around girls... sometimes, not always ;)
Oscar Sun: "Hey, calculus exam tomorrow, let's play League tonight" *take a sip of tequila*
"Tequila tastes like crap" *takes another sip of tequila*
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by Alcoholic Math Homework March 16, 2017

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A fat ass with a fucked up hairline that can't get no bitches
Oscar is gay
Oscar ate all my food what a fat ass
Oscar's hair line gives me nightmares
by 018823 July 06, 2017

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