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When one experiences an orgasm at the sight of glitter/ or highlighter
I had a glittergasm when I saw her blinding highlight
by What.Is.Life March 12, 2018

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Alternate Reality orGasm
'this psvr game is so great it gave me and arg"
by Daddy Jack December 11, 2016

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A word used to describe the elated feeling one encounters having completed an organised sexual act!
To be organised with ones sex life or to plan out the next time you Arm wrestle with the one eyed vessel or badger the witness.
Since Michelle got orgasmanised all she seems to do have a big smile on her face and walk with a slight limp likes she been competing in a Rodeo.
by Deanybott May 21, 2018

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The best grass. No other part of New York has grass like it. Florida grass is gross in comparison.
Sammy: So you know how Florida grass is horrible? Well, upstate New York grass is so amazing I would just lie down on it and orgasm.
by igrind yeet December 15, 2017

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When you have a random orgasm.
Did you see Stacy have an orgasmic attack on Saturday
by Fyufl December 10, 2017

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when u stretch so good it like having an orgasm when u wake up or just when ur sat in bed
heyy bro I had an amazing orgasm stretch the other day

I love them bro
by DUKE2121 March 18, 2019

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A type of kiss. To perform a vinlyn, one kisses his/her partner with an open mouth. When things start to get hot and heavy, one will surprise their partner by exhaling a substantial amount of air into the partner's mouth. For maximum effect, one should hold the partner's head tight and in place as it is likely the partner will recoil backwards upon the first injection of air, this way one can continue to inject multiple shots of air into the partner's mouth. The vinlyn should be used with caution and restraint as an excessive amount of carbon dioxide in a person's system could result in death, otherwise the vinlyn is an excellent way to liven up your sex life and get your partner to orgasm multiple times.
We were having a passionate kiss after a romantic dinner when I decided to switch things up. I hit her with the vinlyn and she immediately fell to the floor, quivering in an uncontrollable orgasm.
via giphy
by Wuvver August 09, 2017

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